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a multi-fandom and stock pass-it-on icon challenge
Welcome to nextpicture!

The idea is simple - you make an icon from a picture posted by previous participant, and you post it as a new entry along with a new picture that the next participant will use to make their icon. Ideally it will make an never-ending chain of icon fun. :D And every week I'll take the icons posted in the last week and post a voting - the next week "session" will start/continue immediately after that and its first picture will be the last picture provided by the last member, as always. :)

Post your icon as a new entry (not as a comment!) and tag it with your username. You must be a member to post.
Please ask for a tag if you're new.

Your entry should look like this:

ICON URL = direct link to your icon
NEXT PICTURE URL = link to the picture of your choice
WHO/WHAT = the name of the celeb/fandom/etc., or maybe it's stock, then say so too :) it's required!

The pictures can be of anything (tv shows, movies, celebrities, books, cartoons, comics, anime/manga, stock, art... etc.), but please keep it PG, which means NO nudity and no excessive violence (picture of someone with a gun is fine.) Also the picture must be high quality - there's no minimal size because some smaller pics can have great quality too, but if it's obviously low quality I will ask you to change it.

You only post ONE icon in your entry (you can include rejects, but they won't be included in the voting.)

You can however enter as many times (per week and in general) as you wish, as long as there is ONE entry by another person between your entries.

Rules changed April 27th, 2017 (Previous rule: there is two entries by another person between your entries. )

No pre-made icons, the icon must be made for this challenge.

Text, textures, brushes, animation, blending/duplication and all other effects are allowed, as long as you use only the picture provided (stock images as decoration are ok to add.)

Adhere to lj rules: 100x100 px, 40 KB or less, and png/jpg/gif format.

In voting don't vote for yourself (this is just silly) and don't ask anyone to vote for you (and this is cheating).

Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if anything is wrong or unclear. :)

The list (and the place where you apply to affiliate) is HERE. :)

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